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About Barrett Vet

Here at Barrett Veterinary Practice, a small practice just east of Calgary, you will find a passionate group of people, driven by their love of animals. We are here to provide a warm happy environment for your nervous new kitten or puppy's first vaccination, be the smiling face that your pet wakes up to after routine surgery, and be your shoulder to cry on during the hardest of times. We are here for you.

When you walk through the doors of Barrett Veterinary Practice,  your local country vet with a twist, you'll be greeted by the friendly faces of Abby and Tammy, who will help you into one of our three exam rooms. Once settled you'll meet Tina and Roxane our rockstar veterinary technicians and Dr. Barrett our practice owner with 31 years of experience who will assess your pet and have a chat about the goals of your 30-minute appointment, whether it be routine vaccinations, an emergency medical assessment, or a general health concern they'll discuss and formulate a treatment plan.


Does your pet need a toenail trim or do you have too many puppies to handle? Chances are that you'll also meet our technician assistant Ayla and who is here to help with your pets' needs!

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Meet (some of) The Team
The others are camera shy

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Dr Beth
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Preparing for your visit to Barrett Vet


Book in with us

Book in for your appointment using our online booking system, this the easiest way to find our availability and book in for surgeries, medical appointments, follow ups, toe nail trims and vaccination appointments. 

Our surgery days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We have vaccination and medical appointments available throughout the week and later appointments available on Wednesdays.

When booking surgeries please select your admission appointment time carefully, this is your dedicated time with a tech on the morning of surgery to ask any questions and for us to take history. So make sure you accommodate for traffic and other factors so you arrive on time. 

If you have an emergency during business hours please call the clinic, based on availability we may be able to accept emergencies. 


Day before your appointment

If your pet is scheduled for a medical appointment please contact any previous veterinary clinic they have visited and ask for their records to be emailed to

If your pet is currently on any medication that needs refilling, please email over any prescription requests at least 24 hour prior to your appointment, make sure to include medication name and quantity needed. Dewormers and flea and tick medication is kept on hand and doesn't need to be pre ordered.

If your pet is coming in for a surgical appointment, you will be sent your pre surgery instructions and your admission appointment time, the day before surgery via email and text.

Our pre surgical instructions include:

  • No food after midnight the night before surgery, water can be left accessible. 

  • Filling out our pre surgery form


Arriving for your appointment

As we are a very busy clinic we ask that you ensure you arrive on time, our appointments are scheduled for 15-30 minutes, so if traffic is bad please give us a call, so we can make sure we can still accommodate your appointment.

When you arrive for your appointment give us a call and let us know you've arrived, we will advise you when to enter the clinic. We cater to animals that may be anxious in a clinic environment, so to ensure a positive experience and we like to have a limited amount of pets in the waiting area. 

Once in clinic we will pop you into one of our exam rooms and have one of our amazing technicians intake you and your pet. If your pet is a surgery patient they will spend the day with us, we will advise you of your discharge appointment after they have finished with surgery, surgery patients are generally discharged between 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

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