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End of Life Services

As pet owners ourselves, we truly understand how hard it is to say goodbye to a family member. Our goal is to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, so you can spend the last moments with your pet knowing that you are in good, caring hands. As an owner you are faced with so many options when your pet is coming to the end of its time on earth, with emotions at an all-time high, it may be hard to consider your options or vocalize what you need. So this page is here to help you with the process. We have a dedicated End of Life technician who will be with you throughout the process, who can answer any questions big or small.

Unsure if your pet is ready? We also offer Quality of Life appointments.
 Quality of life is a term that’s often used in the veterinary world to describe a pet’s overall well-being. It encompasses a variety of physical, mental, and behavioral factors that help us get a better sense of whether a pet is happy, declining, in pain, or experiencing any degree of suffering.


Before your appointment

The first step of our journey together will be connecting you with our End of Life technician. To do this we need to have an idea of your preferences, we offer at home end of life appointments and in clinic appointments. We understand that your choices can be impacted by prices and availability, so we can provide you with an estimate once we have your information. When owners call for information about End of Life appointments sometimes the tears can overtake the words, emotions can be high and you might not be able to give details or explain how we can help you best.

To help aid you we have created a form below, where you can list your preferences and chose how you'd like us to contact you, when we contact you we will have pricing ready to go, an account set up and some dates and times ready for you to choose from.

Once confirmed we will send you your invoice before your appointment so you can pay by e-transfer, or call in a card number if preferred. We will also send an authorisation form. We understand that appointments like this can be difficult so getting the small things out of the way can be helpful.


During your Appointment

No end of life appointment is the same, as we adapt our appointments to your choices. 

Whether it be at home or in clinic, we will provide a blanket and treats and supportive conversation (if wanted, please don't feel obliged to make small talk with us).

At home end of life appointments can be conducted anywhere in your home: garden, bedroom, balcony or anywhere within your house you can find peace (we cannot perform them in public places). In our clinic we place you in a private room or on a particularly beautiful day outside, with a comfy blanket, so you and your family members can say goodbye.

Once we have confirmed and taken care of your invoice, aftercare choices and authorisation form we will start the appointment. Our end of life technician will explain the process before giving a dose of sedation and placing a catheter. After the sedation you will have time to cuddle and say goodbye. We don't want you to feel rushed, so please take as much time to say goodbye as you need, when you are ready we will proceed with the rest of the appointment.



After your Appointment

After your pet has passed we will take ink paw prints and cater to any extra keepsake options you chose - clay paw print, hair clippings, etc. 

We understand that after losing a pet you need time to grieve and that you may not want to deal with any arrangements following the passing of your pet. At Barrett vet we offer after care for your pet’s body, we have two cremation options that can be arranged.

Private Cremation: Pets are cremated individually and are returned to their owners in a velvet scatter bag or in the urn of your choosing.

Community Cremation: Pets are cremated with other pets and the remains are scattered in Country Clubs “Garden of Memories”.

If you have opted for a Private Cremation we will call or text you when we have received your keepsake options back. Private cremations usually will take around 2 weeks to arrive back to us and hand painted clay paw prints are a 5 month wait currently, but we will keep you updated along the way.

End of Life SA


Scatter Bag

Hand Painted Clay Paw Print

Rosewood Box

End of Life Appointment Request Form

Please feel free to use this form to get in contact with us to start organising your End of Life appointment, this is the basic information we need to be able to put you in touch with our End of Life technician, create you and estimate and give you some dates available.


We are also available during business hours by phone to take this information and answer any questions.

How would you like us to contact you?
End of Life Large

Equine End of Life

For our Equine End of life appointments, we travel to your property/stable and conduct the End of Life appointment. We can liaise with Just Passing to arrange End of Life burial services, so you can spend time saying your final goodbyes without having to worry about the little things. Please call or text us at 403-860-5763 to arrange Equine End of Life Services. 

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