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Common and Not-So-Common Valentine’s Day Toxicities for Pets!

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Around Valentine's Day, we see an increase in pets experiencing adverse reactions...

Lily Toxicity, Chocolate ingestion, and a very stoned Pomeranian. That was our reality last year, don't let it be yours!


Every year we see multiple cases of pets feeling a little snacky and chomping down on the brown stuff... Chocolate is one of the big offenders! Once the chocolate is ingested it's a race to make them vomit as there are major health risks - always let us know ASAP if you think your pet has eaten chocolate.


Roses are usually the romantic flower of choice, but mixed bouquets are also common. Unfortunately, the main offender we see are lilies... which can cause kidney damage in our feline friends.

If you’re not good at identifying flowers, there are many apps and websites with pictures of common flowers used in bouquets, which you can use to make sure the flowers you receive from your loved one are not toxic to your furry friend.


With the legalization of the devil's lettuce we are seeing a major increase in marijuana toxicities.... if you spark up this valentines day make sure you pop your butts in the trash so your faithful friend doesn't snack on them. Flavored papers are always a great treat for us, but pets may think they are a special snack for them.

Marijuana is also found in products that pets may be more interested in: chocolates, baked goods or even lotions are becoming common.

String and Ribbon

If you have a kitty you know they have a passion for string and ribbon toys. If swallowed ribbon and string can get caught in their stomach or intestines, requiring emergency surgery. To avoid this life-threatening situation, always monitor cats and dogs when they are playing with any toy.


Want to freshen your breath so you are smooch ready? Gum containing xylitol may help but it’s also one of the most common sources of xylitol toxicity for dogs.

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