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Do you provide
emergency services?

We are able to accommodate emergencies within our business hours, on a case-by-case basis. 

Please call us to check our availability for emergency services.

What to Expect

​When your pet arrives, our team of technicians will take your pet’s vitals, and make sure that they are stable. If your pet is not stable, immediate measures will be taken to stabilize your pet. If your pet is stable and comfortable, they will await the first available doctor, who has worked them into their schedule. If your pet is seen later in the day, it is because our team of doctors and technicians have evaluated your pet and determined that they are in more stable condition than other emergency patients. Once we have come up with a medical plan, we will contact you via the phone number given on your emergency form, we will advise you if your pet needs overnight hospitalization, if they are able to be discharged the same day, please be prepared for pick up by 4:30pm.

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