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Need a medication refilled?

If you are a current client we ask that you request a refill of your pets medications using this form! We only accept refill requests through this form. Please note we need 24 business hours notice for general medication refills, any medications that need to be ordered from our compounding pharmacy need at least 10 days notice. If your pet does not have a valid annual exam, you may be required to book an appointment prior to approval of the refill. 

Questions? Email:


Grab your medication, and take a peek at the bottle you have at home, the information you need is on the label!

You'll be looking for the medication name, dosage and quantity. If you write "heart meds" or don't name the medication, your request may not be processed!

If you have discarded your medication bottle your medication can be found on your invoice emailed from your visit 

We only accept medication refills via email/form to streamline this process. 


Once you have your medication name and your quantity, fill out the form below or if you have any problems email: 

We start processing our medication refills at 10am every week day in the order they're received. If we need any clarification we will pop you an email to the email provided.

Please note we receive a large amount of prescription requests daily, so we do our very best to reply and refill as quickly as possible but delays may happen as some may require the doctor's attention.

All medications will need to be paid for prior to pick up, unless you are picking up at an appointment.




Once your medication has been made up or ordered you will receive an email with your invoice, please note that if you have requested medication for multiple pets there will be multiple invoices. 


Our E-transfer email address is listed on the email, so you can pay ahead of time or you can call in your credit card. Our lobby gets very busy in the afternoons, so pre paying is essential.

Pick up times for medication:

Monday, Tuesdays: 9am - 5pm

Wednesdays 12:15pm - 8pm

Thursdays -Fridays: 9am - 5pm

Can't pick up during business hours? Please call us once you have prepaid for your medication to arrange out of hours pick up.

Medication Refill Form

If you have multiple pets you are requesting medication for please fill in additional forms - any questions, email after filling out this form!

We have recieved your submission - please allow 24 business hours for a reply from a team member!

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